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Read the full story about what Spirit Spritz is and why Suzie founded it HERE.

Spirit Spritz is a platform where global entrepreneurs in the creative industry share how they build their business through interviews conducted by founder Suzie Jiang. Suzie has always wanted to start her own business in the creative industry, but she finds it very frustrating that creative entrepreneurs are underrepresented in business publications and the existing information is often unhelpful. At the same time, what actually helps Suzie is to directly talk to these entrepreneurs and learn from their experience. With Spirit Spritz, Suzie aims to help and empower aspiring entrepreneurs.

In order for readers to easily find the information they need, all the interviews are edited to keep only the useful information in Q&A format and organized into different business topics. Each profile is carefully selected to ensure quality over quantity. Suzie looks for small business owners who have interesting backgrounds or companies with unique concepts. Unlike traditional media website, the content on Spirit Spritz is not about what's new and exciting right now. That's why the interviews only focus on the very first steps of taking the idea to market, and the profiles and companies are arranged in alphabetical order, so anyone can access any interviews on Spirit Spritz anytime and benefit from the timeless content.